A Comment to A Post

How many of you bloggers have received creepy comments?  In a way it shows that one has achieved some success to have enough of an audience to even evoke a response, however unsavory. I received one from a self-proclaimed sadist who stated that while roaming naked around his slaughterhouse at night he relished to taste of human flesh as much as animals.  I paraphrase, but that is pretty much verbatim. I thought for a few minutes about posting it as satire, along the following lines: those who accept the realities of slaughterhouses and eat meat are satanic and could easily make the step to eating humans, a la Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal.”  That would be very heavy-handed and off-putting, not to mention bad satire; the problem with bad satire is that the reader misses the criticism of the cultural or social issue at hand and takes the words at face value. Upon such reflection, I did not print it. In any event, I think the guy was either a weirdo or looking for shock value.  After reading about the practices of factory farms and slaughter houses and forcing myself to watch a few moments of videos of the lives of farmed pigs, this guy’s images are a Disney movie.

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