Milk upsets many IBS tums … But should you miss it anyway?


this post is about changing people’s attitudes about living lacto-free. The perception that it’s something your lumbered with, a victim of  inferior digestive powers… That isn’t how I feel about living milk and dair y free here’s why 🙂

We see milk and other dairy products as a part of a normal human diet. We accept it as we accept bread, meat and fruit. Without hesitation, because we were raised to do so. Dairy is a part of the food pyramid and has a big chunk of it. We know that some dairy products are not really healthy (like cheese) yet still we find reasons to eat them regularly. Probably we eat cheese more often than we eat an apple. Is that a concern? Is dairy even healthy? Is it helpful or is it harmful?

We are used to see dairy products everywhere, we accepted them as a food source…

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