2 thoughts on “10 of the Best William Wordsworth Poems Everyone Should Read

  1. Good to have you back, LP, and focusing again, a wee bit, on poetry. Thank you for the reintroduction to Wordsworth, and your discourse on Bronte…..

    Perhaps you could one day illuminate the vilanelle for us, or other formal constructions that find little application today…..

    For me, at least, such sweet libations make your substantial arguments for abstention from cognitive edibles so much more palatable 🙂

    I also appreciated your note regarding the rarity of poet novelists, although, of course, the ancients such as Homer and Ovid, or works like Beowulf, or, more recently, Dante, wrote novelistic works in poetic form. And, of course, we could all name major playwrights who also wrote notable poetry……

    Perhaps the truth is that we no longer have the patience for longer works as poetry, and it may well be that many novelists have fine poetry hidden in a drawer somewhere….

    Thank you for the stimulating work – I hope all is well…..


  2. Hello, I agree that long poems can be intimidating (although worth the effort) and that poetry might be best enjoyed integrated into a good story. To me, Wuthering Heights is more poetic than many a modern “poem.”

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